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Art Deco Wedding Accessories

Wedding Accessories / June 18, 2019

Looking to bring some old Hollywood glamour to your wedding? Art Deco wedding favors and decorations may be just what you've been looking for. Art deco is characterized by rich colors which are vivid and high-contrast. With an emphasis on bold geometric shapes such as spheres, polygons, rectangles, trapezoids, zigzags, chevron, and sunburst motifs and arranged in symmetrical patterns. It is also characterized by lavish ornamentation in materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, Bakelite, chrome, stained glass, inlays, and lacquers. Little Things Favors offers a selection of Great Gatsby wedding favors and art deco inspired wedding favors, gifts and accessories for your wedding.

If you're planning on an Art Deco wedding, your a glamorous and romantic bride. Looking for inspiration? I'm sure you've watched the Great Gatsby movie but you can find Art Deco designs nearly everywhere you look from architecture to furniture design. For your wedding reception hall choose a building styled in this classic look from the 1920's through the 1940's. Chances are the inside will be as stylized as the exterior. Black, white, silver and gold along with mirrors and crystals can be used for decor. Look for symmetrical designs and motifs. For your dress go old Hollywood style and sport a retro dress and headpiece. The popular Parisan and Broadway fonts are often used for this style - incorporate them into your invitations, decor and stationary. Since prohibition was also during the 1920's you can bring in elements of whiskey such as rocks glasses as modern Art Deco wedding favors and give out engraved decanters as groomsmen gifts.