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Wedding Ceremony Accessories Set

Wedding Accessories / May 13, 2016

It's all in the details. When preparing for your wedding, you'll want the ceremony accessories to match the look and style of the other elements. Bella Bridal & Heirlooms carries all of the wedding ceremony accessories and decorations you'll need. From unity candles and candle holder sets to petal baskets and ring pillows, the accessories create a stunning complement to the ceremony. We also carry wedding sets that include a garter, guest book and pen, basket and pillow. Looking for elegant wedding accessories for your pets to wear? We have those too.

The possibilities are endless when you choose wedding ceremony accessories with Bella Bridal & Heirloom. No matter how intricate, unusual or unexpected the accessory, Bella Bridal & Heirloom will almost always accommodate and provide the perfect ways to add to your ceremony. With our extensive collection of wedding ceremony accessories, every bride should feel satisfied when Bella Bridal & Heirloom puts those perfect finishing touches on your special day. Our ceremony accessories range from moss baskets, "True Love" ring pillows, moss heart garland, white sash flower baskets, and a large variety of candle holders that could also double as wedding favors to make every ceremony one you'll never forget.