Air Force Wedding Colors

Air Force wedding colors

Wedding Colors / October 20, 2019

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Military wedding bees! I need your help! Here is the situation: My FI is in the Air Force and is going to wear what they call his “mess dress.” Here is a picture: .

We are also getting married at a winery and the ceremony is going to be outside in front of the vienyards. My problem though is I just can’t seem to find the right color comibation that will compliment the uniform, the vineyard and my own taste. oy. I don’t want to be too matchy matchy with the uniform, but I would like to still pick colors that don’t look horrible next to it.

We are also getting married memorial day weekend next year so I would like to have the colors be on the brighter/lighter side. Another thing I am factoring into this complicated equation is that the reception room is very neutral so it would be nice if we added some color to that.

O.k. so with all of that in mind….. suggestions???

Also, does anyone have any links to pictures of military weddings that I might be able to use for inspiration? I am having a hard time finding pictures. If they are airforce weddings that would be even more helpful.

thanks ladies!!

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Helper bee

Ok, sorry for the huge phots, I have no clue how to reduce them! All I can say is that it appears that the mess dress is navy blue…which means that any color that looks good with navy will look good with the uniforms. I wouldn’t worry too much about uniform color. Try to find colors that you like and the uniform will be fine with it.

As for inspiration, well, I love the picture below. The blue and pink are awesome. The picture above has some great colors that seem to fit a vineyard in the fall theme while still being bright. As a bonus, those colors work well with dark blue.

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Honey Beekeeper

A friend of mine did black and champagne. It looked great with the Army dress blues (similiar to USAF mess dress). My husband and I and we were both in the wedding. The red flowers were a nice touch. But it was the ONLy red in the wedding, so you can do just a little bit to tie it all together.

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Great! thanks so much for the inspiration ladies. I like that in both the group shots the red/pink bouquets give that little bit of pop to the picture!

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Busy bee

Coming from a bride who—unfortunately—spent waaaaaaaay too much energy on this exact subject, I have some advice for you:

Whatever you choose, he will be the main focus, because he’ll be in uniform. Anything is going to look fantastic next to it.

I wrote a blog post about this, so if I can find it I’ll post it here. In the end, when I went with my gut and chose the colors I wanted, all the stress went away!

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I had the same problem, however I know that red is the best color to go with my fiance’s uniform ! Marine MY issue is that I didn’t want red ! haha. My wedding is on the beach and I have decided on white and yellow. I have seen a few girls wear yellow dresses to the Marine ball and they look great with the uniforms plus they are beachy colors :] The wikipedia link didn’t work when I clicked on it though.. What colors are the Air Force uniforms?

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My fiance is wear his NCO service Class A uniform. I was thinking about that too. We have decided that nothing in our color scheme really matches so…we are doing black read and cream for our colors. He is going to stand out regardless because of the uniform. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If everything else matches, your wedding will look great regardless.

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We’re doing a color that would probably be too dark for Memorial Day. Greens, blues that complement the navy, and pink would be really pretty with the mess dress. Or even yellow – I think that would be really pretty in a vinyard.

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why not think of it as a tux? just because your guys wear tuxes doesnt mean one of your colors is black…he’ll look amazing in uniform, but that doesnt need to dictate what your other colors are. you could easily put the girls in blush pink next the the uniforms (swoon, i love blush and navy together!)

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Worker bee

My husband wore his mess dress as well. Our colors were blue (horizon = david’s bridal color) and silver. My MOH wore a horizon blue dress. The boys wore a black tux with horizon blue vests/ties. I think we looked pretty darn good. =)

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Oh yea and what is funny is that the flowers I chose for my bouquet is the Air Force flower. =) I had blue hydrangea with white roses. Loved them!

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Sugar bee

I love these pictures!

We’re doing red and blue with gold trim. Not air force, but still military. There are lots of good reddish + bluish colored matchups. And… gotta love the yellow or the gold. 🙂

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I say go with shades of blue if you want color and for it to be subtle. Yellow would also compliment their “air force blue” uniforms and be vibrant 🙂 My FI is wearing mess dress also but the girls will be wearing black so that was easy! lol

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I’m getting married a day before you and my wedding is Air Force too!! Our colors are sky blue and red with accents of light pink and navy. I used these as inspiration. They seem pretty different but I think the range of colors will be so pretty together! Just think more of a navy blue! I love peonies so I had to add light pink even though my fiance didn’t want to!