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Blue and Peach wedding colors

Wedding Colors / June 9, 2017

Larissa and Rob both work in the field of media and are passionate about their jobs, which is how they met. Because of this they incorporated unique details into their special day that we know you're going to love! Read on to hear more from Larissa about their wedding day, especially their full budget breakdown. For more details from this peach and blue wedding with cinematic flair check out the, all beautifully captured by Duy Khang Photography.

From the Bride:We wanted our wedding to be low key, but elegant. I'm a big believer that weddings need to reflect the people throwing the party-because after all that's all it is-a party to celebrate your marriage. Brennan's was the perfect location for us because we could have a laid back ceremony in the courtyard, followed by an AWESOME meal (good food and lots of delicious drinks were a MUST for us).

We also wanted details that represented something important to us-our job. We met at work and are passionate about the media field. That's why we added interesting surprises...everything from a youtube video save the date (which you can totally check out below)

If I could do anything differently I would have done a first look. I know this is a controversial topic, but I really, really, really wanted to see my husband for the first time at the ceremony and that's why we made the choice not to have a first look. But the truth is, seeing him earlier in the day would have eased a lot of my "nerves" (I was very nervous to be the center of attention).

It was nerve racking walking down the aisle and I think I would have been a little more "in the moment" if I had already had seen him. Obviously, it would also have also allowed us more time for pictures of he and I. We had an AMAZING photographer, but we had limited time in between the ceremony and reception for pics of us.

From Jennifer Laura Design:Larissa and Rob were dream clients. Giving me free reign to make decisions allowed me to go above and beyond our original concept and even whittle in a few surprises for Larissa. I took the news theme and ran with it - borrowing Larissa's mother's vintage typewriter, using typewriter key escort cards and corresponding table numbers, I wrapped books in old newsprint, and even used old newspapers to stack centerpieces on. It was a theme that didn't hit you in the face, but was subtle, a little whimsical, and kept reminding guests of exactly where they Larissa at Rob's wedding!

Advice From the Bride:Sometimes newlyweds offer some wedding advice, so here goes:
1. Don't play by rules. I didn't stress out because my husband's sister was in the grooms party, that my flower girls were full grown adults, I didn't have a bouquet toss...etc. I figured no one else would care if I didn't stress over the rules I wanted to break.

2. Enlist the help of a really good planner/coordinator. I know this seems like a no-brainer, but find someone who shares your style. My planner worried about all the details. I trusted her taste - and so I trusted her to make decisions on my behalf. It saved me a ton of stress.

Read on to see how much this peach and blue wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

We went a little over our 25K budget. We only had 100 people which helped limit the costs but still have top shelf alcohol etc.
Ceremony & Reception Venue: $14, 000 (this covered food & drinks)
DJ: $1, 200 (ceremony & reception)
Photography: approx $2, 500