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Burnt Orange and Teal wedding colors

Wedding Colors / October 12, 2017

Shades of Pink WeddingThe color pink is the star of this week’s blog post. Pink has been a popular wedding color for many years. I think one of the reasons it is popular is that it is a flattering color for most all bridesmaids and, depending on the shade and what other color(s) it is paired with, it works for all seasons.

Pink can be used alone or with another color and it works well as the main wedding color or as an accent color. You can achieve a lot of different looks depending on the color you pair it with.

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Pink Wedding Color
As shown in the collage below, pink can be a beautiful color all by itself. By combining different shades of pink you can create a luscious wedding palette.

Pink_and_Red_WeddingPink and Red Wedding Colors
A pink and red combination is romantic and you might want to consider it, especially if you are having a wedding with a Valentine’s Day theme.

Pink and Brown Wedding Colors
If you love pink but your groom thinks it is too feminine, how about a compromise of pink paired with brown. When pairing with brown, it is best to use a softer shade of pink, so there is enough contrast between the colors.

Pink and Black Wedding Colors
Pink and black is a sophisticated combination that looks especially lovely for a wedding that is bit more formal. It works well with any shade of pink and is shown below paired with a deep shade.

Pink and Brown WeddingPink and Navy Wedding Colors
Pink with Navy is similar to pink and black but is a bit more casual. This combination is often used for nautical-themed weddings. The bright pink plays beautifully off the rich, deep blue.

Pink and Turquoise Wedding Colors
Pink and turquoise is a resh palette perfect for spring and summer weddings.

Pink and Purple Wedding Colors
If you love both Pink and Purple, why not combine them! This “girly” combination works best for spring and summer weddings. If you want to use it in fall or winter, I suggest using deeper shades of the colors.

Pink and Black WeddingPink and Green Wedding Colors
Pink and green is another combination that is perfect for weddings in spring and summer.

Pink and Mint Green Wedding Colors
Pink with mint green can be a great choice, especially for a vintage wedding theme. This combination works best when a pastel shade of pink is used.

Pink and Yellow Wedding Colors
Pink and yellow is a bright and sunny combination. A darker shade of pink works best, so the pink won’t be overwhelmed by the bright yellow.

Pink and Gold Wedding Colors
Pink and gold is a dressy and elegant combination. In the collage below I have used medium and soft pinks.

Pink and Navy Wedding Turquoise and Pink Wedding Purple and Pink Wedding Pink and Green Wedding

Source: blog.exclusivelyweddings.com