17 Best ideas about Periwinkle Wedding on Pinterest | Pastel blue

Periwinkle wedding colors

Wedding Colors / August 12, 2019

Periwinkle is an ethereal color that can beautifully transform any wedding venue. Derived from both purple and blue it is a cool hue that can be accentuated with warm earthy colors and cool pastels.


For our autumn wedding we wanted something to incorporate a light color with orange and periwinkle did just that. It was such a unique color combination I hadn't come across often. My bridesmaids loved the color and idea of walking down the aisle in periwinkle with an orange bouquet.

- Adriana

My fiancé and I wanted a really small wedding which consisted of a courthouse ceremony and a party in our backyard. When it came to picking a wedding dress color I wanted to go outside the norm. That's when I came across periwinkle. It was a lovely soft hue that complemented my olive skin nicely.

- Fabiola

I complemented periwinkle with yellow for our summer wedding. I wore an ivory wedding dress while my husband wore a dark suit. My bridesmaids wore long periwinkle bridesmaid dresses with a splash of yellow jewelry here and then. It was definitely a fun color that added some classiness to the mix.

- Caitlyn

Half of my bridesmaids wore the Azazie Maggie in periwinkle the other half went with a light blue. It was an airy wedding palette that complemented by white lacey dress beautifully. Periwinkle is a unique color in that it has both purple and blue undertones. I couldn't have been any happier with my bridesmaid dresses.

Source: www.azazie.com