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Purple Combinations for wedding colors

Wedding Colors / June 25, 2017

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Throughout history, purple has been widely documented as a color of privilege often associated with royalty. During medieval times, dyes that produced the perfect shade of purple were so costly that only kings and queens could afford them, hence the term “royal purple.” While many would not consider it for a wedding, this bold and mysterious color is actually brimming with creative possibilities for decorating a shower, tea party, or reception. Typified as regal and sophisticated, it can turn charming and pretty when matched with the right palette of colors.Light purple color palette Table settings, centerpieces, and favors–all can take on an unexpected appeal with the tasteful use of purple.

Purple’s Perfect Partners

The basic color palette for light purple would include shades of pink and green.

Purple comes in a wide spectrum of shades, making it ideal for a sophisticated look. A basic color palette for light purple would include pinks and greens. Thus, shades like lilac, thistle, or periwinkle may be paired with white, baby pink, lime green, powder blue, and even silver or gold.Lilac ribboned boxes Deep purple would work best with chocolate brown, pink, and green, as well as a touch of royal or cornflower blue.

Another elegant use of purple is in a monochromatic color scheme such as lilac, lavender, and amethyst. Attractive accents for these would be brown, silver, or cream. Applying any of these palettes to the party table settings would definitely make a statement.

Put Together a Stunning Table Display

Porcelain boxes with dainty floral designs and lilac ribbons are set against a pale lilac tablecloth.

A table setting with a light and airy purple palette uses a pale lilac tablecloth with subtle damask patterns as its canvas. Glistening silver flatware and delicate fine china receive a charming touch with purple pansies resting on crisp white table napkins. For guest favors, porcelain boxes with floral accents and a pretty lilac ribbon rest beside each place setting.

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