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Red and white wedding colors

Wedding Colors / January 20, 2019

Every girl has a dream wedding dress, and almost all of them want a white or off-white dress. But if you want to change a bit you’ll be surprise to know that you can add some colors but still look amazing. If your first answer to “what about a red wedding dress” is “never in a billion years”, well think again. See how gorgeous it looks in details? Red bow or even veil gives something more to the look.

Hair and Makeup

You can add a lot of red in the hair and makeup of the bride. For examples, flower crowns. Or if you’re just looking for something more classic, stick with the classic hair accessories. And red lips on your wedding day will certainly make you shine!


Red jewelry? Oh yes! In that moment rubies can be your best friend. Red earrings, red necklaces, red bracelets, they all fit so beautifully with a white wedding gown.


You might think that shoes are not that important but you’re so wrong. Normally brides go with white or silver shoes, but it looks so different and gives such an fashionable look when you choose red heels, and when you add jewelry or glitter? Work of art. Red soles looks great and not just for the bride, the groom can pull it off to. Louboutin feelings.


It’s not rule anymore that the groom need to wear a black suit on the wedding day, so why not add some red on it? You can go with the red tie or red boutonniere, or you can go even further and choose red pants for the groom! Got to say, I’m in love with that middle groom look.


Red bouquets are more normal to see in any wedding, it is beautiful and classic, but what about mix red flowers with white one or even orange, salmon or pink flowers? If you think that the bride’s bouquet MUST be red, well try this on the bridesmaids bouquets. It will look gorgeous!


Now that we are talking about bridesmaids let’s agree that red looks good on anyone! If you are too afraid to add the red on your wedding gown, go with red dresses for your bridesmaids! It’s a wonderful color and it fits perfectly on the shoots with the bride’s white dress.


The groomsmen’s outfit on a red and white wedding can be quite a challenge, but don’t worry, I’m not suggesting red suits, just red details, like the ties, the vest or just the pants. Look how cute those groomsmen in the red pants, black suspenders and bow ties!

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

The flower girl and/or the ring bearer need to fit with the looks too, they may be small but they’re a big part of the ceremony. In many weddings, those kids are dressed as mini brides and grooms, what looks really cute but what about an all red dress to the flower girl or add the red on a bow tie to the ring bearer?


If you were not in love with red and white for weddings before, you’ll be now! Look how romantic the decoration with red flowers looks. I can’t get enough of this, so gorgeous. Red on the tables, on the dance floor, on the chairs, on the roof, just amazing!


Red on the cake too? Oh yes. You can go with a traditional white cake with red roses on top (and look at the cupcakes matching!) or a big red cake. And naked cakes are so popular these days that you can have a red naked cake on your wedding day, different and beautiful!


On top of the cake, you have the wedding dolls, which shows so much of the couple. Normally we use dolls that represent the groom and bride, but what about just the couples initials or just “Mr & Mrs”?


Red roses on the floor or in the chairs, and even a big red roses wall can make all the deference on the aisle! Plus it looks so romantic.

Source: www.everafterguide.net