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Wedding Colors / October 7, 2017

Royal Blue and Silver WeddingBlue is a lovely color to consider for your wedding but when I say “blue”, you may wonder exactly what color I am referring to. “Blue” could be dark navy or it could be turquoise or somewhere in between. To keep things focused, in this post I will show you mid-tone blues and the color combinations to pair with those shades.

Please note that there will always be many more color combination options than what I can put in one blog post, so don’t feel you are limited to the ones I feature here. Also, in upcoming blog posts I’ll show you combinations with other shades of blue, but for today … it’s mid-tone blue combinations: Royal Blue with Silver, Royal Blue with Yellow, Royal Blue with Purple, Cobalt (and Cobalt and Turquoise), and Red, White and Blue.

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Royal Blue and Silver is a popular combination for weddings, especially for winter, although it works well for spring and summer, too. It is an elegant, somewhat formal combination mainly due to the silver. Another option is to pair the Royal Blue with white or with black and white.

Purple and Blue Wedding ColorsIf you like Royal Blue but prefer a more casual palette for your wedding, consider a Royal Blue and Yellow combination. It works very well for a country chic/rustic wedding and outdoor venues. Royal Blue pairs well with sunflowers, daffodils and other yellow flowers.

Adding Purple with Royal Blue changes the look entirely and gives you a modified peacock color theme.

Cobalt Blue Wedding ColorFor a “richer” and slightly darker mid-tone blue, consider a Cobalt Blue wedding color theme paired with a neutral such as white or champagne.

For a patriotic themed wedding or for one with a wedding date on or near the 4th of July, Red, White and Blue might be combination to consider. It is used for military weddings, also, often with the addition of an accent of yellow.

Yellow and Royal Blue Wedding Red-white-and-blue wedding