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Wedding Colors / March 26, 2016

Beautiful wedding celebrations don’t happen by accident. The most magical and romantic weddings are those that are well-planned and organized down to the tiniest details. The color palette you choose for your wedding may seem less important than many of the other “to-do” items on your wedding preparation list, but the right colors can help tie everything together and make the event look and feel more organized and inviting. Here are a few tips for choosing the right wedding colors for your décor, custom color wedding invitations, save the date cards, and dress and tuxedo.

1. Figure Out What You Like

This may seem like a no-brainer, but before you choose your wedding colors you must figure out what you like. Surprisingly, some couples choose colors based solely on what’s in style rather than on what looks and feels good to them. Remember, your wedding day is not the time to try and please others at the expense of your own wants and needs. If you honestly aren’t sure what you like, look through bridal magazines or even home décor magazines to see what colors really reach out to you and complement each other well. Once you have decided on a color theme, let it direct your choices on everything from table décor to custom color wedding invitations.

2. Choose a Venue

Once you have chosen a venue, it is important to select colors that will look like they belong and won’t clash with the venue’s color theme. This is especially important if your reception will be held in a location that is already saturated with color. Before finalizing your color palette, make sure you check out the venue location first and make note of any colors you see while you are there so you can choose complementing colors.

3. Get the Groom’s Input

There is nothing wrong with bringing the groom into the conversation about your wedding color palette. He may have some great suggestions, or he may not care what colors you choose. Either way, involving him in the process will make him feel like an integral part of the planning process.