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Worst wedding colors

Wedding Colors / February 19, 2018

A mix of soft spring hues can look delicate and graceful, while rich reds with golden accents can offer a regal touch, but there are certain wedding color combos that simply don't work. Just hear what other Knotties have to say.

Rainbow Bright

"I was at a wedding with rainbow-colored bridesmaid dresses - super-bright green, yellow, red, pink, and purple dresses. The groomsmen and groom wore white tuxes with tails. Perhaps it was the bride's dream come true, but it was just not right."

- jesstasler

Easter Egg Overkill

"We went to one wedding where the bridesmaids were wearing green dresses with pink sashes and pink edging. The groom was wearing a green and blue-striped shirt, the groomsmen were wearing yellow and green-striped shirts, and the female on the groom's side was wearing a green dress with a yellow sash and yellow shoes. All the wedding flowers were bright gerbera daisies...just a bit of overkill."

- kwhiteley

Seasonal No-No

"I went to a wedding in the middle of summer, and the bridesmaids wore a rusty orangey color, but when matched with the black tuxes, it looked like Halloween."

- koivirgo

Mariachi Madness

"As far as the worst color combination I've seen...it was a fiesta-themed wedding - fuchsia, turquoise, yellow, orange, white, brown, green, and red! It just seemed so over-the-top, like I was in a Mexican restaurant, not an elegant ballroom."

- Darci-Leigh

Definite Mismatch

"The worst color combo I've seen was at a wedding where the bridesmaid dresses were a fluorescent orange with a lavender chiffon overlay, where the orange showed in a strip on the top and bottom. The bride matched them with red rose bouquets. I simply can't think where her head must have been when making those decisions!"

- Soon2BeMrs.Luebke

Not So Flattering

"I was in a wedding last year, and the bride used peridot and bright gold yellow. It was a disaster for me. I had on a peridot dress, and my bouquet was bright yellow. It was the worst thing I've ever seen. I didn't know the yellow was a part of her wedding colors until we got the big, yellow, cheesy, fake bouquets. It could've worked if the yellow was more pastel."

- trickytrice

Outdated Outfits

"I had a relative whose wedding colors were teal, yellow, and red. I believe my aunt picked those colors out, but they didn't look good together, especially with the bridesmaid dresses being made of teal lace with a matching hat. Just awful!"

- jerriesgirl

Taken Too Far

"While meeting with wedding photographers, I came across a wedding in which the colors were orange and brown. Nothing major - except one of the bridesmaids decided to dye her hair orange to match the dress! In every group shot, your eyes were drawn to that orange hair, not the couple!"

- FMrsKeepUp

A Mickey Dee's Wedding

"I feel terrible for saying this, but I work at a bridal shop, and this girl came in whose wedding colors were yellow and red. Her party wasn't happy at all, and it looked like they were having a McDonald's wedding. It would've looked better with red and gold."

Source: www.theknot.com