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Fall wedding Bridesmaid dress colors

Wedding Dress / November 21, 2016

silver bridesmaid dresses


This earthy red shade shouts FALL and is just plain romantic! We love the statement a bridal party makes dressed in deep red, and it goes so well with organic white and green bouquets.

Get the Look: "Ramble on Rose" from Joanna August or "Burgundy" from Azazie.

Photography by: Kelli Lynn Photography


amethyst bridesmaid dressesPale gray works for almost any season, but we especially love seeing it on fall bridesmaids. It looks great paired with red fall bouquets or neutral white blooms and is flattering on every skin tone.

Get the Look: "Silver Bells" from Joanna August or "Silver" from Azazie.

Photography by: Emily Martin Photography


dusty rose bridesmaid dressesA fall wedding staple, it's obvious why this stunning jewel tone is a bridal favorite year-round! Dark purple dresses will pop during your ceremony and bridal party photos and provide a nice contrast to a white bridal gown.

Get the Look: "Purple Rain" from Joanna August and "Grape" from Azazie.

Photography by: Micah Nelson Photography

Dusty Rose

An unexpected shade for fall weddings, but oh so pretty nonetheless. The almost-nude, almost-blush shade is an edgier upgrade to classic pale pink bridesmaids' dresses, and it looks gorgeous with fall flowers and décor.

Get the Look: "Dusty Rose" from Azazie or "Landslide" from Joanna August.

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