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Favors for wedding guests

Wedding Favors / October 11, 2020

Ever been to a wedding where you conveniently forgot to bring home the favor? Well, you're not alone. Nowadays, many brides and grooms are opting to nix the token of appreciation altogether in order to save both time and money. For those that still want to treat their friends and family to a take home without it being a total waste though, we set out to find what wedding favors aren't in favor with your wedding guests so you can definitely avoid those.

1. Koozies

"No offense, but I just think they're tacky! I rarely drink beer so it's not like I'm going to use it anyway, even more so if it's monogrammed or an obvious wedding souvenir." —Julia

2. Anything with your name on it

"If it's monogrammed, has your initials or names on it, I really don't want it, no matter what it is. I won't even take it from the venue if it has a personalization that isn't mine. The only exception would be food with your face, monogram or whatever on it. I'll eat anything!" —Marissa

3. Anything with your wedding date on it

"I get that it's a special date for the bride and groom and something parents/in-laws or close family members may appreciate. For the rest of the guests though, we really don't need to remember the day with a keepsake that has your wedding date stamped all over it." —Jamie

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4. Non-edible favors

"Personally, I'm not big on favors period, but I would never turn down a box of yummy truffles or homemade cookies. Anything I can't eat will probably go in the trash or I won't take it home with me to begin with. We live in a big city (AKA a small apartment) so I don't need cutesy little knick knacks cluttering up our cabinets." —Jaclyn

5. One offs

"Any one offs, like a stemless wine glass or a single coaster, that don't match the rest of my things and would normally be part of a bigger set, I'm just not that into. It's a nice thought, but the quality (understandably) for such a huge quantity typically isn't there either so I'd recommend passing on this idea." —Amber

6. Super cheap trinkets

"I'm not saying the favors have to be expensive, but I'd rather not get anything than be given a cheap trinket you purchased off some wedding website. That bottle opener or corkscrew you bought for $1 each probably isn't going to last more than a couple uses so save yourself the money and no one will even notice or care you didn't hand out favors. Trust me!"

Source: www.brides.com