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Homemade wedding favors ideas cheap

Wedding Favors / October 5, 2019

While thank-you gifts need not reference the season, when it comes to fall weddings, the temptation is near-irresistible. The transitional months offer an endless array of bounty, put a spotlight on nature, and favor savory smells and flavors. With so many seasonal options, fall wedding favors are appealing, especially if your wedding theme already nods to the time of year. Ahead, some creative ideas for giving guests a fall-inspired keepsake. Be they edible goodies, decorative trinkets, or tools to face the incoming cold, these autumn wedding favors are sure to help guests remember your beautiful fall wedding.

Autumn Motifs

Combining their favors and place cards into one, this couple topped each guest's reception table setting with a unique knick-knack. For an autumn wedding, this miniature stag is fittingβ€”as are other woodland creatures that are celebrated in the fall. And if critters aren't you're thing, consider baubles symbolic of the harvest season.