Best Unique Homemade Wedding Favors Simple Wedding Favor Ideas

Make your own wedding favors ideas

Wedding Favors / August 16, 2019

Get Inspired: Alternative Wedding Favor Gift Ideas for the Savvy Bride

Are you getting flustered thinking about wedding favor gifts to make your guests feel special? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Planning a wedding can be extremely time consuming and there are many important decisions you need to make. These wedding favor gift ideas will inspire you, and allow you to concentrate on other matters – like finding the right dress.

Jazz Up Your Wedding Favors

Personalizing your wedding favors is a really effective and surprisingly inexpensive way to thank your guests for the efforts made to be with you on your special day.

Personalization is really important here, and a little gesture can go along way.sweet-ice-cream-photography-87191 Gift personalization is very easy to do, and a gesture as simple as a labeling simple gifts with a customized sticker with your guest’s name on it would make a great impression.

If you feel like getting creative yourself, why not create your own labels and cute messages for each individual guest? It may be a little time intensive, but will certainly be worth it for the smile it puts on their face.

Gable Boxes, Tins and Jars For Your Favor Gifts

Personalized gable boxes, tins and jars are a fabulous way to present your wedding favors. These storage devices will allow you to choose not only one favor gift, but multiple little things and wrap them up in one lovely package.

For example, these mini gable boxes from Wedding Favy are a brilliant storage solution for your gifts – simply fill them up small gifts such as chapsticks, tea lights and candies to make them feel special. These boxes are really easy to assemble and are also eco-friendly as they’re made from biodegradable card. save money on wedding flowers guests-dance bachelorette party