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Party favors for wedding shower

Wedding Favors / April 17, 2020

A bridal shower is a happy occasion, celebrating the future of the bride-to-be. Friends and loved ones gather to share their wishes, advice, and give gifts to the bride and her future husband, who may or may not be present. Traditionally these gifts were intended to help the couple start their new home with all of the basic necessities of a household. In recent years, since so many couples have already moved from their parents’ homes, showers often have themes that are a little more specific than a general household shower.

Themed showers can inspire games, decorations, and cakes specifically tailored to the theme.

Naturally, if you’re responsible for planning this party you’ll think of all the things you can do to make the bride feel loved. But why not let the guests take home a memory of those good feelings by sending them off with a small party favor that will remind them of the day? You can let the theme of your shower inspire the perfect favor for the occasion.

There are some items that are classic favorites for party favors, and any of them can be adapted to one of the themes below. These include: cake pops; cupcakes; personalized chocolates; picture frames. You can find any and all of these online or in local bakeries and stores. If you purchase them from a local supplier, you can easily find decorative favor boxes or pouches in craft stores that can be used to create a pretty wrapper for your favors.

Traditional Bridal Shower

If you’re hosting a traditional, general household bridal shower, the symbols for this theme, which will become integrated throughout your party plan, are generally romantic and may include bride and groom figures, bells, wedding cakes, hearts, and doves. Choose boxes, curios, or sweets that represent those symbols.

Or, to remind your guests of the classic bride necessities, give them “something blue” such as a candle, soap, or blue frosted treat.

Bridal Tea

A bridal shower tea party is definitely a classic theme for a general shower. But you can customize your party favors with tea themed items such as: infuser; tea bags; tea cookies; tea bag caddy.

Spa Theme Shower

This shower theme has become popular in recent years. The bride and her bridal party get together for a day of pampering. This can be done in someone’s home, but more commonly the bridal party treats the bride to a day at the spa. Favors for the guests might include: slippers; bath salts; soaps; candles; a manicure set.

Lingerie Shower

For the bride who has everything for the home, a lingerie shower treats her to everything she might want for the more personal side of her marriage. Keeping the shower favors personal, as well, they might include: lip balm; body lotion; perfume bottle.

Jack and Jill Shower

Boys just want to have fun, too! That’s why hosting a co-ed shower has become popular in recent years. Your party favors for a Jack and Jill Shower should include items that both sexes will enjoy such as: keychain; sweet treat; pocket journal; photo frame (but not too frilly!)