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Wedding favors For Children

Wedding Favors / September 2, 2017

Selecting your wedding favors is always a more complex process than it may initially seem. Should you go the DIY route? Or should you offer something edible? What about skipping them all together or asking guests to donate to a charity in lieu of gifts? The options are almost endless. Wedding favors should be thoughtful and particular to the taste of your guests, but what is a bride to do when her smallest attendees can't partake in an alcoholic gift? Our etiquette experts weigh in how to please guests and their children with wedding favors.

Though you are by no means obligated to present the children of your wedding guests with lavish favors, offering a small, child-friendly memento of the occasion is a thoughtful gesture, and one that your attendees won't soon forget. A modest gift is just the thing to make a child feel welcome at a grown-up affair.

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Feel free to take a whimsical route with your offerings, such as providing a DIY candy bar where children may create a bag of their favorite goodies to take home, or setting up a photo booth where kids and adults can document the celebration and take home their pictures. If you do choose to host children at your wedding, creating an atmosphere that is accessible for little ones will make your nuptials infinitely more engaging for all of your guests.