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Wedding Favors / June 9, 2016

wedding favors personalized bombonieres torontoThe best weddings are the ones that are celebrations of love, friends and family. You have planned so hard to create a party that brings all the best people in your life together to help you celebrate your special day. You also want to create an event that you will all remember.

Have you thought about one of the most important items? It harkens back to our childhood. It’s the loot bag! I mean, now we’re all adults and call it a wedding favor, or if we’re really classy, a bomboniere, but the idea is the same. It’s a gift to your guest to commemorate your special day. In the past, sugared almonds were given but with the rise of Etsy and Pinterest, it’s not hard to find something unique. We’re happy to share some of our favourite creative wedding favor ideas.

One creative wedding favor idea that I loved involved a family friend’s destination wedding. The bride and groom had chosen a beach vacation with their friends and family and wanted a way for everyone to know who was with the wedding party. The bride designed a unique graphic and had it printed on beach totes. With everyone using these fun and functional totes, everyone on the beach could spot each other. These great gifts led to camaraderie and bonding before and after the ceremony. They were also useful – helping to bring all those necessary items like water bottles, sunscreen and a good book to the beach! It was something so practical and distinct that brought everyone together.

Another great, unique idea was one we worked on with a client. Their wedding was taking place in California wine country and not only did they want their guest to have a beautiful keepsake from their special day, but they also wanted to make sure everyone stayed hydrated while dancing up a storm at the reception. They had been big fans of SIGG water bottles for years, so it was a no-brainer when it came to selecting the gifts for the wedding guest. They thought of what they use every day and wanted something just as great for their guests.

When we were talking with them about their project, they asked if we happened to have SIGG bottles available to match their wedding colours: orange and white. My response: “We have a Fabulous one!” We took our orange bottle from our SIGG Fabulous line and printed it with their artwork and the words “Love & Happiness” and created a beautiful personalized gift for everyone to use for years to come.

What is great about using SIGG water bottles as wedding favors is that they work to match the different lifestyles that guests might associate with the bride and groom. The sustainability factor of SIGG reusable water bottles vs. disposable water bottles is a great fit for the environmentally-conscious couple. For the active and health conscious couple, SIGG bottles support having water on hand for that 9 cups of water a day. For outdoorsy folks, you can’t go wrong with a SIGG bottle for your camping and hiking adventures! Find out more about SIGG bottles as a lifestyle tool.

There are so many details to think about on your wedding day, make the wedding favors an easy one. Your family and friends want to celebrate your special day and having a functional, beautiful item that they will keep long after the wedding day is over will help bring back memories for years to come! It also helps that SIGG has a wide range of colours and styles to find just the right fit for you and your significant other.

Source: siggnorthamerica.com