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Wedding shower favors ideas

Wedding Favors / March 8, 2015

Like the wedding itself, you want to give your guests a token of appreciation for coming to the shower (and bringing a gift). It doesn't have to be extravagant, but you can get more creative with the presentation since it will be a much smaller crowd.

Cookie Cutters

For a sweet ending, make several batches of homemade cookies and package them in cellophane bags. Print out the recipe (you can even type it out in Microsoft Word, print on heavy stock paper, and cut to recipe card size) and attach to the bag with ribbon along with an alphabet cookie cutter. Head to a kitchen store and buy the first initial of each guest attending the shower. It's a perfectly personalized treat.

Mixed CD

Yes, you've seen this at weddings, but here's the chance to give it a real girl-power kick. Make a mix of your favorite getting-ready songs from ladies that rock like The Go-Gos, Gwen Stefani, and Madonna. If there's time, make two mixes: one for the younger crowd and one for the older set (Nina Simone, Debbie Harry, and Patsy Cline).

Tea Time

Having a ladies' lunch? Continue the theme with colorful teacups each stuffed with a packet of tea. Take the idea one step further by creating three different packages from which guests can choose: the morning person (brightly colored mugs with English Breakfast tea); the afternoon lady (white tea cups with white or green tea); and the night owl (small espresso-style cups with chamomile). Set them out on a table with cute signs.

Fortune Cookies

Print a different fortune for each guest on tiny strips of paper: the next man you kiss is your prince, the bride likes you best, Uncle Joe would like the first dance, and so on. Buy a box of fortune cookies and replace the existing fortunes. The trick is to wrap the fortune cookie in a damp paper towel for 20 or 30 seconds, until it's malleable. Open the cookie, and switch the slip of paper inside, and close/fold the cookie back to its original shape. Consider dipping the cookie in chocolate for a final touch.

Herb Garden

Create your very own herb garden for guests to take home. On a table, set up a display of various herbs purchased from a local nursery (basil, mint, and more). Attach a signature recipe card to each herb - pesto for the basil plant; mojitos for the mint. Alternate idea: garden gloves and a nice hand cream.