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Personalized Water bottles Wedding

Wedding Personalized / November 26, 2017

Bottled water labels personalize your event in a simple and touching way. You can add a poem or quote that expresses your sentiments, or write a thank you to your guests. The possibilities are limitless, because it comes from your life and your heart. Custom bottled water is sure to be a favor that your guests will use… and bring home with them to treasure forever!

These labels have been specially designed for bottled water products. You can buy bulk unlabeled bottled water, or buy from your local grocery, and either remove the existing label or place our label over the top of the existing label. Keep in mind that our label may not cover the entire existing label. Measure carefully if this is important to you, and if needed, be prepared to remove the existing label. Sometimes that is quite easy to do, by soaking in tepid water for an hour or overnight.

Bottled water labels are 7" wide x 1-7/8" high. They are designed to go almost, but not quite, all the way around a standard-size bottle of water. Making them slightly shorter than the full diameter helps with the alignment; you don't have to worry about the two ends lining up together; they can be slightly off and it is not apparent.

Personalize your special day using custom personalized bottled water. They make the perfect refreshment for weddings and other special events, and they make unforgettable memories - people tend to bring them home after the event. Add color and style to your event, whether it is a shower, wedding, reception, or anniversary. Use your own words with our styles and colors, even add your photo or art to the dozens of styles available. If you already have your bottled drinks, you can order the labels and affix them to your bottles.

You can use bottled water as favors and refreshments for not only weddings but many other special occasions such as bar mitzvahs & bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, graduations, quinceaneras, baptisms, birthdays, retirements, commemorations, holiday parties, and other important events.

Other products for bottled water:
• favor tags
• small circle labels

Click on a style above to see all the colors available.


Here are a few quick ideas for the side text on bottled water for weddings, receptions, anniversaries, etc:

  • A poem written about or by the couple
  • A thank you from the couple to the guests
  • List the highlights of your courtship
  • Your favorite quotation from literature, the Bible, etc, about love or marriage
  • Talk about your plans for the future
  • Two sets of labels: one written by the bride about the groom, the other written by the groom about the bride
  • Name the wedding party
  • Talk about the guests
  • Talk about how you met
  • For anniversaries, bullet-point the highlights of your lives together

Text ideas for bottled water side text from previous customers:

Please accept this keepsake as our thanks to you for sharing our special day: June 22, the beginning of forever. With love, Dana & Lee

To Our Family & Friends: We are so happy that you were able to share our special day with us and hope that you enjoy this homemade treat! Ted proposed while on a hike in Forest Park so we choose tree seedlings as our wedding favors to remind us of that day. We have packaged the seedlings in all natural canvas pouches, hand sewn by Margie's mom. Thank you for being a part of our lives and joining us on this day! With love, Ted and Margie

We are honored to share our special day with you. Thank you for joining us. Much love and God bless, Amila & Sean

Today we shower Caitlin the bride who will have Josh forever by her side!

...His version - The first time I saw Sandra was in Miss Lindley's third grade class at Edwards Elementary. I was scared because it was my first day at Edwards. She scooted her chair next to mine and introduced herself as "Sandy." We were instant friends. Now that we've found each other after all these years, I can't imagine a day in my life without her.
...Her version - Kevin was crying for his mommy the first time I saw him. He was new in our third grade class and scared to death, with his head down on his desk. He wouldn't look at or talk to anyone. I felt sorry for him so I sat by him and told him my name. It took 23 years to get to this point, but he is certainly worth the wait!

7th Grade Math Class, Rick Springfield Concert, Confirmation, mix tapes, Doc Martens & punk hair, road trips, getting in trouble!, snow days, the 19 bus, senior lockers, New York City, love letters, Beethoven, Guggenheim, long summers, Sauvie Island at sunset, sushi and sake, Germany, Wolfe, Frost and Whitman, Lake Erie, Crater Lake, and full circle back to where it all began. Thanks to all.
Chris & Anya

We first met in May of '08 and started to date late June of the same year. We have loved, laughed and lost, our friendship always growing. Today we share with our families and friends this day, the beginning of our lives as one.

We would like to thank our family and good friends for sharing this day with us. You have all played a very special role in our lives. From our family to our friends, new and old each of you has touched our lives in some significant way, shaping us as individuals. As we celebrate the joining of our hearts and our souls, we would like to thank you all for your love, support, and friendship over the years, and for coming together today on this very special occasion to share in the joy of our marriage. We would especially like to thank our parents for giving us life, love, and opportunity, and for ALWAYS supporting us wherever our dreams have taken us. Much Love, Katy and Scott

For my bridesmaids, the best friends a girl could hope for!
Love & kisses, Fiona

Family and friends, we ask those dearest in our hearts to join us in celebrating our love. On September 14 we will marry the one we laugh with, cry with, dream with, and love. Please join us for a weekend of fun! Love, John & Alicia

To our bridal party
Thank you so much for your participation on our special day.
To our guests
This day has been made special because of family and friends like you.
Everyone's presence here has helped us make our dreams come true. We both are truly grateful for everything you've done. Susie and Gary

We want to thank you for joining us to celebrate our wedding. Each of you have enriched our lives and we are truly thankful for your love and support on this special evening. Thank you dear family and friends. Love, Tyler and Michael

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