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Personalized Wedding Favors boxes cheap

Q:How do you tie this ribbon on the box like in the pictures? I've tried inserting the ribbon in all the jokes different ways and it's not working. Please advise.

A:Please contact our customer service team at 877.988.2328

Q:Trying to gauge the size of this item. Roughly how many "confetti" wedding candies would one package hold?

A:Each box holds approximately 2-3 oz. worth. you have a picture with the bag flap up and opened. I had some cake pops to put in the bag and the stick/stem of the cake pop is longer than the bag is when the bag is closed (the lollipop stick is 4 inches long.) I am curious too, how the ribbon attaches? Is there a pre-hole already in place for the ribbon?

A:Unfortunately we do not have a photo of the bag open, but you can reach out to our customer service department at 877-988-2328 for further assistance. There are 2 holes pre-punched on the flap and box to loop the ribbon through and close the box.

Q:Which option is the brown bag...kraft or matte? Does kraft mean the one that looks like cardboard?

A:If you're referring to the "Lucky in Love" samples shown, those are matte brown. Kraft is the cardboard like ones.

Q:does the little flower accesories coming with the product? or can we order it from web site for extra?

A:The flowers do not come with the product, nor do we sell them. The example picture is to provide ideas that you can use with our products to spruce them up even more.

Q:Hi, I was wondering if I added little items other than candies such as tea candles would it still be sturdy?

A:Yes, these favor bags should be study enough for tea candles.

Can one just buy the bag plain and without ribbon? I have ribbon already. If yes, what would be the price? Thanks

A:The bags can be purchased without personalization, however, the ribbon comes with the item. The price is the same for both personalized and non-personalized versions of this item.