9 Sets of Free Wine Labels That You Can Personalize

Personalized Wine Bottle Labels Wedding Favors

For a special way to ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding, make custom wine labels, including photos and a personalized message for each friend. If you want to add an extra special touch, make labels for personalized wine glasses to go with the wine. For during the wedding, make labels including the table number for one side of the bottle, and the dinner menu on the other.

StickerYou’s wine labels are made of high quality, glossy vinyl material. They are water resistant, and will stick strong and last long on your bottles. No matter the flavor of wine, whether its red wine, or white wine, you can make the labels to fit as you want them!

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The perfect proposal, bachelorette party, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and wedding are made in the details. The personal touches you add are what will be most memorable.

Wine - sweet, sweet heaven water in a bottle (or box, depending on which trailer park you live in). Or so we've heard. The custom of giving wine as gifts has spanned centuries, and is ever more popular today. You'll want to raise your glasses to this great idea that is both fun and practical: Custom Wine Labels!

You've tied down your significant other (Congrats, by the way!). Next up is the bridesmaids. Your bride tribe deserves the best. So make sure you ask them to be part of your big day in a super special way. Here are some sweet ideas to get you started:

While custom wine labels are a great personalized gift, it can be a pain removing the old wine labels from the bottles. Here is a quick guide on how to remove those old labels so your custom labels will fit smoothly and cleanly on the bottles

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